Fire door features in collective living areas

Fire door features in collective living areas

Especially in places such as schools, hospitals, cinemas, theaters, where people are concentrated, fire doors that serve to evacuate people easily are very important to delay the spread of heat in the event of a fire and to save time for people until help arrives. The general feature of the fire door is that it should be produced in a way to save time in the event of a fire, with a panic arm made of metal, sheet metal or aluminum, locked from the outside and easily opened from the inside.

While the fire door has these features, the fire escape must also be produced according to the regulations determined by the municipality and meet certain standards. Fire ladders should be determined according to the structure and characteristics of the building, and heat resistant and durable materials should be used in the production of fire ladders. The human carrying capacity must comply with the standards. Another point to be considered in the fire escape is that the staircase is surrounded by railings in order to prevent accidents in case of panic.

Fire doors, on the other hand, should be made of heat and smoke resistant materials and should be at a level to prevent the spread of smoke and fire to the entrance, stairs and other safe areas. The front of the fire door should never be closed. According to European Standards TS EN 13501-2 and TS EN 1634-1, fire doors must have integrity (E), insulation (I), radiation (W), self-closing © and smoke-proof (S) properties according to the place they are used. .

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