People never know what they will encounter. While sometimes a small detail saves a life, we unfortunately see that negligence that seems small to us causes very bad results. While sitting in the comfort of our home, no one wants to think about bad things, for example, even though fire is an extremely scary event with bad consequences, we don't even want to think about it. An escape plan should always be ready so that it can save us sometimes when we are in a negative situation. The fire escape and fire door, which are mandatory in buildings, are the most important way to save lives if people reach there as soon as possible.

No one knows that most of the deaths or injuries in fires are caused by carbon monoxide gas. If people are exposed to this gas, they will be poisoned in a very short time and face a great danger. If your fire isn't in our apartment, getting away from it right away will be the only way. If the fire is in our house and is in a situation that cannot be controlled, then what we should do is to notify everyone as much as possible and to leave the building by reaching the fire door and fire stairs as soon as possible. The clear sign of this life-saving door also makes it easy to see in the event of an event, thus making it a life-saving way.

It is possible to say that education is the factor that most closely affects the basic structure of society. Students, who expect to reach a certain maturity in citizenship service, are also informed about fire, and they receive the necessary information about all fire intervention elements, especially the fire door, at school. Nevertheless, it is a very important necessity for parents to inform their children in detail about this issue, and it is an issue that should never be neglected.