Why Fire Door

Fire doors are used to isolate the fire area primarily from fire escape routes, fire escape routes and other places. In other words, the smoke and excessive heat generated during the fire should not pass from the fire area to other environments, and safe escape corridors and fire stairs should be created where people can escape.

Especially the fire stairs and fire escape routes should be carefully protected from smoke and heat.

Normal service stairs, during a fire, working like a chimney; it will become unusable in escape by absorbing the high-temperature and toxic smoke formed in the fire. For this reason, fire escapes in accordance with fire engineering and regulations are created and these fire stairs must be protected with special fire doors that do not contain heat and smoke.

For this reason, fire doors are placed between the sections to be isolated.

These doors should have a push-bur (panic bar), that is, an opening handle with an easily opened mechanism.

Fire doors should be at an easily visible angle and at an easily accessible distance.

Also on fire doors; There should also be light fixtures showing the emergency escape direction (exit fixture)

Hydraulic pushers that provide automatic closing should be installed on the fire doors, and after the escape, the door should be left open to prevent the passage of smoke.

Materials and equipment that will prevent escaping should not be placed on fire escape stairs, air conditioners and heating systems should not be installed.

The last exit of the fire escape should not be locked, security solutions should be provided and the exit of the fire escape should be kept open all the time.

fire escape(s) must be open to the outside environment, that is, it must be in contact with fresh air, or if it is formed inside the building, after it is isolated with a smoke and heat proof fire door; It must be pressurized with a positive pressure fan.

In accordance with the regulation on the protection of buildings from fire, the use of fire escapes and fire doors in buildings is mandatory and their principles have been published with this regulation.