Fire Door Models

Standard Fire Doors: The frame is produced from 1.5 mm DKP sheet, the wing from 1 mm DKP sheet or galvanized sheet. Panic bar (push-bar) is available on it. There is a heat barrier that increases the heat resistance inside the outer hair protection.

Stainless Fire Doors: Stainless fire doors are produced from stainless sheets. 1.5 mm sheet metal is used on the frame and 1 mm sheet on the wing. Stainless fire doors are preferred for prestige and durability.

System Room Fire Doors: They are fire doors specially designed for use in system rooms, equipped with accessories suitable for automation systems as well as fire resistance. System room fire door can be glazed.

Imported fire doors

It has UNI 9723, CSI / CERT Certificate, CE Certificate.

It is produced as single or double winged fire resistant for 60 and 120 minutes.

For 60 minutes Wing thickness: 54 mm, Wing weight: 27 kg/m2

For 120 minutes Wing thickness: 64 mm, Wing weight: 37.7 kg/m2

Imported fire doors are made of epoxy coated 1.5 mm thick high-strength steel.

The fire door is equipped with a hot smoke wick and a cold smoke wick that provides heat and smoke insulation, which expands in the event of a fire, making it heat and smoke proof.

The door leaf is made of galvanized steel sheet plate with a wall thickness of 0.8 mm. The door leaf is designed to prevent opening with a crowbar from the outside.

Insulation material is rock wool with a density of 150-180 kg/m3. It provides heat and sound insulation.

Fire-certified glass that is resistant to fire for one or two hours can be used on the door.

The standard color on the doors is RAL 7035, other RAL codes paint and wood or stainless-looking PVC coating options are available upon request.