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Fire door features in collective living areas

Especially in places such as schools, hospitals, cinemas, theaters, where people are concentrated, fire doors that serve to evacuate people easily are very important to delay the spread of heat in the event of a fire and to save time for people until help arrives. The general feature of the fire door is that it should be produced in a way to save time in the event of a fire, with a panic arm made of metal, sheet metal or aluminum, locked from the outside and easily opened from the inside.

While the fire door has these features, the fire escape must also be produced according to the regulations determined by the municipality and meet certain standards. Fire ladders should be determined according to the structure and characteristics of the building, and heat resistant and durable materials should be used in the production of fire ladders. The human carrying capacity must comply with the standards. Another point to be considered in the fire escape is that the staircase is surrounded by railings in order to prevent accidents in case of panic.

Fire doors, on the other hand, should be made of heat and smoke resistant materials and should be at a level to prevent the spread of smoke and fire to the entrance, stairs and other safe areas. The front of the fire door should never be closed. According to European Standards TS EN 13501-2 and TS EN 1634-1, fire doors must have integrity (E), insulation (I), radiation (W), self-closing © and smoke-proof (S) properties according to the place they are used. .

Does the place where I bought the fire door do the manufacturing itself?

Most of the companies selling fire doors outsource the production of fire doors to other companies. This situation reflects negatively on the customer in terms of cost. In other words, it is very difficult to find a fire door that is both cheap and standard, except the manufacturer. Fire doors must carry certain standards. Therefore, non-standard doors cannot protect you from the fire, which is their main duty in case of fire. As a consumer, you should definitely inquire whether the companies that sell fire doors are manufactured in-house and whether the fire door carries the required standards. Fire door is a building material whose quality should be questioned rather than its prices. Because you can understand that the fire door carries the standards only at the time of the fire. Therefore, you should question whether the fire door is made within the standards during the manufacturing process.

fire door regulation

We have mentioned in our previous articles that the doors that protect us for a certain period of time between us and the fire are called fire doors. Life-saving fire doors are actually a necessity in many areas from mass housing to shopping malls. It has taken its place as a necessity in the regulations by preventing the construction of fire doors in order to avoid construction costs. With this regulation, how fire doors should be used in which areas is also taken under control. You can reach the fire regulations from the link below.

Can the fire door be glazed?

Fire doors can be made in many ways. The important thing is to determine your needs and plan the fire door accordingly. Glass Fire Doors are designed with steel and stainless steel frames. During the fire, it is closed and prevents the growth of the fire and provides life safety. The glazed fire door can provide protection from flames and smoke for 30, 60, 90, and 120 minutes. Since there is no restriction in the glass area of the glass fire door, they look more elegant, stylish and aesthetic. As with other fire doors, they provide a high level of protection from fire.

Would it be a cheap Fire Door?

Fire door is very important today as it was in the past. We see how important the fire door is from time to time with the fire news in the press. Well, you can think about how much the fire door prices are. In fact, fire door prices are not like the only price or campaign price that you come across when you search on the internet. While there may be fire doors with certain standards, the standards can also change according to the place to be used or your wishes. We can offer you consultancy service before choosing a fire door. In this way cheap fire door When you want to buy a fire door that does not work or does not have sufficient standards, you will also get rid of it. Since the fire door is not an ornament, you may need adequate standards and really smooth operation. Therefore, do not risk your life while trying to buy a cheap fire door.

Fire door detail on International Women's Day

There is no one who does not know the upcoming 8 March, International Working Women's Day or International Women's Day. However, few of you know why this special day is celebrated. The detail of the fire door, which draws attention on March 8, International Women's Day, and the importance of fire doors have also been encountered in the past. That's why fire doors are so important that they cannot be neglected. You can contact us about the fire door.

Fire and lockdown at Triangle Shirt Factory fire exit

The Triangle Shirt Factory fire, the biggest disaster New York has experienced in the 20th century, resulted in the deaths of 123 female and 23 male workers. Workers at the factory, some of whom were children and were forced to work under difficult conditions, went on strike in order to work in better conditions. However, the police intervened against the protesters. Meanwhile, although some workers managed to escape the fire that started on the 8th floor of the building, the workers working on the 9th floor did not receive the fire warning in time. Although the workers who wanted to escape from the fire saw that one exit was closed due to the fire, they turned to the other exit where the fire door was located, but they saw that this exit door was also locked. For this reason, 62 women lost their lives while trying to escape by jumping out of the window, while other workers were burned to death. This event has been accepted as the beginning of the celebration of International Women's Day.

Fire Door Accessories

Doors prepared in accordance with the regulations must have some accessories on them.

Panic Bar
Panic bar is the door handle that allows the door to be opened with the least possible loss of time in case of panic.

Spring Hinge
As specified in the fire code, the doors must close automatically. Spring hinges are used to achieve this.

Smokeproof Wick
Fire doors are produced in a way that prevents the passage of smoke. These door seals are used at the junction points of the door and the safe in order to prevent smoke leakage.

Fire Door Mandatory for Dormitories

Emergency exit doors in the dormitories will not be opened from the outside and locked from the inside or will be opened automatically with a fire warning.

Important regulations are coming for private student dormitories, hostels, student apartments and student studio apartments. The Ministry of National Education prepared the Draft Regulation on Accommodation for Private Students and sent it to the Prime Ministry. According to the draft prepared after the disaster in the dormitory in Aladağ, cladding made of wood and high-combustible materials cannot be used in the interior, exterior walls and ceiling floors of the dormitory buildings. The stairways and doors of escape routes will be made of fire-resistant materials in the form of fire doors. Emergency exit doors shall be such that they cannot be opened from the outside and cannot be locked from the inside or will be opened automatically with a fire warning.

Fire exit

The door that cuts off the relationship with the fire environment and ensures the safety of the employees and the building is called a fire door.

Some technical features of fire doors;

  • Panic handle that opens the door from the inside even if it is closed from the outside (optional)
  • Special gasket that expands with temperature and never leaks smoke
  • Ability to install fire-resistant glass
  • Single or double wing feature
  • Inward or outward expansion
  • Right or left opening
  • Frame types most suitable for the environment
  • Adjustable hinges
  • Smoke-tight guillotine (optional)
  • Fire resistant hydraulic (optional)
  • Spring hinge (optional)
  • Painted with the desired ral color

Steel door

We must take safety precautions in all of our lives. First of all, in our house where we have a private life, the leader of security is the door. For this, the choice should be a steel door.

There have been many changes in the old times, from the absence of doors or the periods of not being closed to the metropolis. The metropolis brought with it some negative consequences as well as ease of life. The beginning of protection from these problems passes through the outer doors. For our peace and security, the properties of the doors must be very good. Today's technology offers us more than one steel door possibilities. Steel doors, as the name suggests, are made of steel and similar hard materials.

Today, no one stays in our homes during the day due to working hours and the necessity of everyone to work. For this reason, we must first secure our door. You should take such a precaution to protect your valuables in your home, your daily belongings, and many things, from your memories.